downstream sourcing

Once a cargo has been properly vetted and confirmed through our due diligence process, we work with both our supplier partners and our exit clients to bring our transactions to fruition. 

We work with all parties involved to make sure the transaction is mutually beneficial and makes business sense. We make sure the procedures, terms and payment methodologies are secure and mitigate risks.

Closing and Delivering

Sirius Energy & Petroleum is a physical commodities trading firm that specializes in the trading of petroleum and petroleum-based products. We focus primarily on crude oil, refined petroleum products, and LNG. Additionally, we are pursuing opportunities in the alternative fuels space as a hedge toward the future direction of the market. We are a privately held company that's active over a wide spectrum of global energy markets.


Sirius Energy & Petroleum LLC

Our established and proven refinery relationships, coupled with our midstream and downstream supplier partners, help us consistently deliver quality petroleum based products that meet or exceed industry standards to our clients in a timely manner.​

We also source opportunistic product from broken contracts and other means to deliver at reduced pricing whenever possible for our clients.​​


We are continuously develop  and steadily maintain relationships with upstream exploration, development and production companies and NOCs to strengthen and secure our long term crude supply capabilities.

We work with suppliers around the globe to make sure we can consistently satisfy your feedstock needs, no matter how specific they may be.

We work to ensure that our clients  receive their​ product in a timely manner once the contract has been signed, their inspection is completed, payments have been received and documents are transferred.

Our objective is to make sure you have a seamless transaction from request to delivery in a timely manner with minimal  risk and unforeseen issues.

UPStream sourcing